Plan To Nourish Your Skin

care of skinYour outer skin is an organ which reflects the status of your inner health. When you see a person with a glowing, healthy and vibrant outer layer, you can assume that person is eating and exercising properly to take care of his or her health.

Nutrients and hydration are essential to keep your skin looking as if you bathe in the Fountain of Youth. When your diet plan isn’t what you need for health, your skin becomes dry and scaly – or oily. Neither is a good sign.

Exercise is an extension of your diet plan, keeping muscles taut and joints lubricated and moving properly. It helps your skin breathe and release toxins and other harmful effects from living in a polluted world.

Nutrients which act as tonics to the skin include Vitamin C, which helps build collagen (the elastic which holds our skin together). If you don’t get enough Vitamin C from fruits such as oranges and strawberries, you probably bruise easily and will age more rapidly.

B Vitamins are also essential nutrients for the skin. They can be found in whole grains and milk and helps prevent conditions of the skin such as dryness or oiliness. Vitamin A, found in green veggies, fruits, eggs and some meats are also helpful in preventing premature aging of the skin.

Psoriasis and other skin problems may be alleviated with the introduction of Vitamin D in your diet plan and zinc found in seafood and legumes can help your skin to heal after an injury.

But perhaps the most important part of your plan to nourish the skin is drinking lots of water. There’s nothing like water to keep your skin hydrated and moist and help the oil glands function properly.

Many of these nutrients are supplied through the blood. When your blood is properly supplied with nutrients, it helps circulation and the promotion of healthy red blood cells. It also has a significant job to remove waste products from your body, helping your skin maintain its healthy glow.

Diseases which come from not taking proper care of your body can also affect your skin and make you look pale and drawn. If you don’t eat the proper diet and get the right amount of exercise, your skin will suffer and you’ll notice the effects when you look in the mirror.

Plan now to nourish your skin by taking proper care of your physical body. If you have a particular problem which is affecting your skin, gain information about how to combat the problem by searching online and talking to your healthcare provider.